MuseScore for Chromebooks

• Mar 23, 2019 - 18:25

As straightforward as it sounds. I am aware that there is a MuseScore app for the Google Play Store, however, this app only allows users to view, listen to and download scores. I believe a full version for Chromebooks would be advantageous to many people.

Chromebooks are especially useful for students; they're affordable and offer the essentials and more for school and education. They're a great alternative, as opposed to spending a substantial amount of money on a MacBook or a Windows laptop (which are both useful but offer too many features to be simply a school laptop). In this sense, this technology is almost exclusively designed for students. I suspect that a vast number of students (music majors in particular) would benefit greatly from the addition of MuseScore to ChromeOS.

I understand that the developers of MuseScore rely on the Pro feature and donations for revenue; I believe that the development of a ChromOS build for the software would be a worthy investment. Not only would more people become aware of the program and its capabilities, but MuseScore would also become a software more applicable than even most paid notation software.

Correct me if there is already a build, but I firmly believe that MuseScore as a whole would benefit greatly from the addition to ChromeOS.


I totally agree. Chromebooks are increasing in popularity worldwide and especially with students. A web based html5 version of musescore would work on any platform. At the moment one is limited to version 2 on the linux shell within ChromeOs and I am sorry to say Musescore do not make even the saved files of version 3 backwards compatible with version 2.

I'm currently running an AppImage on a Chromebook. Worked fine out of the box but I'm still tweaking things to run better - setting up a shelf icon, file associations, seamless access to my Google Drive folders, etc. I have most of it going pretty well, but am interesting in discussing other people's experiences, to see what I can learn from you, what I can share of what I've learned, etc.

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