Be able to copy paste more items indvidually

Such as pedal markings, slurs, crescendo's, accellerandos, etc.


Accellerandos don't exist in musescore, but everything else you list can be "copied" using ctrl+shift+drag the item. The problem is that they change to their default sizes.

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There is a sneaky workaround for all of the others that work only if their sizes don't change. BTW, the need to normally change their sizes is the main reason you can't copy just a diminuendo for example.

The sneaky workaround:
Copy the complete measures you want these items copied from. Use the filter selector (F6) to not copy anything you don't want at the destination.
Select the first measure of the destination
Press ctrl+shift+x two times, this swaps with the clipboard two times but dynamics, hairpins and slurs do not get deleted.
You will end up with slurs, hairpins and dynamics in the exact places as the original even if they don't make sense.

The reason for the second swap with clipboard is to put the notes in the destination that were removed the first time you swapped with the clipboard.

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