MIDI (score & guitar Tab) shows different frets/fingering for two notes.

• Mar 24, 2019 - 12:11

I am pleased to have discovered MuseScore ( just a few days ago, and have managed to bash out a guitar & Tab piece (on Windows 10) of Ferdinando Carulli's Waltz in A Major - Op.27.

I have one issue I can't find a solution to. The score displays the guitar frets/fingering correctly, for online MuseScore display; on downloaded MuseScore file; PDF & MusicXML.
Correct meaning (for Bar 11 in the complete MuseScore piece) -
3rd fret on B string; 4th fret on G string.

However, if I export or download the MIDI file, and open it in TefView for example, two notes (bar 11) display in different fretted positions (see 3rd bar "-Wrong view" image). The Tab fingering changes to -
open B string; 7th fret G string.

I had originally found a shortened version of Carulli's Waltz (by egres46), and this displays the "correct" fingering when downloaded as a MIDI and opened in TefView, (see the third bar in image "- Correct view") -

Hopefully I've explained my issue clearly? What I would like to know is, why does my downloaded MIDI display different fingering compared with egres46 piece, with the exact same notes? Can I edit my piece to correctly display when in MIDI format, please? Have I missed something in my ignorance?


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I'll have a look shortly, (just up n' down a set of ladders doing DIY).
Within MuseScore on laptop program, the notes display correctly (3rd fret on B & 4th on G) - only in MIDI (in TefView) does the fret view change, unless its egres46's score - then, nothing changes with the downloaded / exported MIDI.

I'll give it a try though....fingers crossed. Thanks for your input, cadiz1 👍 I'll let you know.

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I opened my score in MuseScore on the laptop, and tried as you suggested.
The notes were showing the correct frets when I opened the score.
Ctrl+Down-arrow (after selecting the note on the upper music score) shifts them to another fingering option (in the lower Tab).
Unfortunately this doesn't fix the exported MIDI file, unless I'm completely missing something. Should I have been opening the incorrect MIDI, somehow? No?

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Hi Marc,
Thanks for your reply. I agree with you regarding MIDI files, they can certainly end up in a viewing mess sometimes. A friend of mine uses them, and before I sent it to him, I noticed the fingering change compared to other file types I'd downloaded. Just those two notes out of the whole piece.

It's the fact that egres46's piece displays the "correct" fingering when downloaded as a MIDI and opened in TefView, - https://musescore.com/user/44601/scores/77250
I just cant work out how it's different, other than the current MuseScore asked me if I'd like to "update" the score before displaying it when I uploaded it on the laptop. So I assume it was constructed on an older version of MuseScore. Maybe that's it?

I'd just hoped to understand what the difference between the two versions of the piece were, that causes the MIDI Tab difference, and avoid it in any other pieces I might bash out.


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Again, there is no such thing as "correct" tab when it comes to MIDI. The MIDI file simpyl does not contain that information. It just says, "this is a C" (or more precisely, this is pitch 64). It does not say which string/fret should be sued. it is entirely up to the program converting the MIDI to tab to decide what string and fret to use. It's just guesswork, and it's going to be what you wanted sometimes and not other times. That's just the nature of MIDI - it does not contain the information necessary for a program to know which string you wanted, so it has to guess.

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Sorry Marc, I just spotted your reply.
I see what you're saying, I just couldn't understand why the downloaded MIDI from my score displays differently for the same notes on the same section of the same piece done by egres46. However, my particular issue has been resolved by using an xml file instead. I shan't bother with MIDI's in future. Too unpredictable, as you suggest.

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Well - in a way, I've solved the issue of the Tab fingering becoming altered when that MIDI is displayed in TefView for my friend's sake. Instead of sending a MIDI (which I think I give up on), I've exported the file as an XML (which I'd not realised could be opened in TefView) - voila, ... opens, plays and displays perfectly !!!

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MuseScore for PC does an excellent job of rendering. After 7 updates to the Android version there have been some improvements but some elements still render poorly.

Text looks "bitty" until quite a high zoom is reached. Text is shown in a serif font even when I have set its properties to sans-serif. Colour does not seem to be supported.

These 2 images show a few bars of a score in the current MuseScore app and the old Songbook app.



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