Scores completely deleted when parts are made?

• Mar 24, 2019 - 15:17

This is an ongoing issue for me. Last year I wrote a musical called Door to Door, and the opening number completely vanished from my computer after I made parts, saved, and quit. I think the issue is that, if I save and quit while I am viewing one of the parts, some sort of glitch in the system causes the file to simply vanish, and all that remains is a .temp file. This happened with a number of other pieces in my show- and really set me back in the process, and then again with almost all of my string quartet pieces, which now only exist in .pdf form. I had hoped the would be fixed with the Musescore 3 update. Unfortunately, I recently had to make an arrangement of Shostakovitch's Second Waltz, to be completed tomorrow, and the same issue happened once I opened Musescore this morning. The file is gone, save for a .temp file which is not readable by Musescore.
What can I do in this situation?


You are doing something wrong. Creating parts does not delete the original score.

Attach this temp file you found so someone can look at it.

My best guess is that you were viewing the part and then hit File / Save As, which saves the part only, and then you specified the same name as the score and ignored the warning that the file exists, thus overwriting it. In which case, grabbing the backup (the hidden file with a name starting with a period and ending with comma) is your best bet for recovery. And then don't do that again.

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