What Exactly is Considered Offensive in Musescore?

• Mar 25, 2019 - 03:05

I am working on a song and I would like to add some lyrics. I do not want them to be offensive and I would like to follow all rules and community guidelines. Unfortunately, the community guidelines are too vague for me. I would like to be told what is okay and what is not okay.

Some things we can pretty much universally agree on as offensive or not, but others are not so much. For example, is the topic of death and disease too much or not. While it is not targeting anyone, I would like to check with this community first. Here are a few of the lyric lines that I would like to see if it crosses the boundaries:

"The tortured mutated fellow then breaks out of his cage..."
"The potent disease consumes the scientists and they rot down to the floor."

Please forgive me if I am crossing the boundaries. Another question I have is are doom-metal lyrics deemed bad by this community? Thank you.

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Community guidelines are a trace, the lawful, or the politically correct, are subject to variables related to different factors. I think it's a question to ask at .com. That's where you'll probably share them and get comments.

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