Titles not appearing in parts (+ crash when changing time signatures)

• Mar 28, 2019 - 17:35

Hello everybody,

since "join scores" does not exist in Musescore 3, I had to compile the different movements of an orchestra suite the old way: "add section", copy-paste and "add vertical frame" for the title. Now I want to export the parts but all the titles -except for the fist one- are gone, just an empty frame.

What can I do?

And by the way, with version 3.0.5, the program when I want to add a new time signature at the beginning of a section, I had to use 3.0.4 (on Ububtu)

Thank you for your help.


I can confirm that text added to frames after generating parts does not get copied to the parts. That seems to be a bug. Can you report that official to the issue tracker (eg, using Support / Issue tracker, above), with Severtiy set to Major? Meanwhile, you can either add the titles to each part, or delete the parts and re-create them, since frame text that is present before parts are generated works fine.

As for the crash, in order to investigate, we would need you to attach a sample score and steps to reproduce the problem.

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Regarding frames, I would prefer to be able to create text frames of some sort that are not linked to the parts. I realize you can make the frame and its contents invisible, but being able to add a frame only to the score would be very useful. There are two times when this is extremely useful in symphonic scores. An instrument list included in the score should not be in the parts also. A second instance is in a ballet or opera, there are many explanations, scene descriptions and so forth that do not need to be included in the parts.

I consider frames created after the parts not being linked a useful feature rather than a bug.

I would like to add that it happened to me too with the system texts that appear only on the first part (on the first item in the score). But it also happens with the barlines and many other objects: a double bar in the score is double bar on the first part but single bar on the second part. Also the dynamics text should be applicable to multiple voices

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Each type of element is handled differently, on purpose. Some work as they should, others don't. Frame text is one where it's questionable, as this thread shows.

if you're experiencing other issues, please start a new thread and attach your score so we can investigate. I can tell you I already know barline type changes don't link to the parts and am working on a fix as I write this. not sure what you mean about dynamics, though, so an example will be good there.

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