Expanding printed score size (for eyesight problem)

• Apr 2, 2019 - 12:48

Hello All,

Due to an eyesight problem I need scores printed as largely as possible. To that end I've removed anything left/right of the staffs hoping to elongate/expand/enlarge the notes.

Question - I have deleted/made invisible the clef signs, key, and time signatures. This works to a point. When printing, these items are not there. However, the space they took up is still there so the rest of the line cannot expand into that space.

Any suggestions welcome. Thank you!

(Have already tried dumping to pdf, printing larger in landscape, but this only allows for 3 or so lines per page.)


Rightclick on a staff to be able to open up the staff properties. They allow you to turn off displaying all kinds of stuff (make sure to also click through to the advanced staff properties).
Turning off key signatures there will also ensure the space they consume is ignored.

You can also open the dialog at Format->Page Settings and increase the scaling some, so everything is actually larger.

I'm blind as well with my retina. Lol. Here's some ideas.
You can right click on a part or staff, select staff properties from the menu, where it says scale size in the table that popped up, you can set it to 150 or 200 percent to make the notes or measures bigger. Also, you can use the "break" symbol sign to control how many measures there are for each horizontal line to stretch measures out more that may be squished together horizontally as well. Hope that helps.

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