At last, please add mass duration editing capabilities! Halve, double, etc.

• Apr 3, 2019 - 00:18

In MS 2 there were at least some shaky plugins or workarounds. In MS 3, nothing at all.
I've been using MS for some 6 months now, tomorrow I'll have, for at least the 20th time since, to export an .mxl, open it in a different notation sw, halve tempo and all durations, export an .mxl, reimport in MS. obviously losing a lot of other content in the process.
I noticed these fetaures where requested very often, but the answers from the programmers has been consistently uninterested.
There's an issue request in the tracker, lying now at page 50 with medium priority, which means we''ll see something in Musescore 7.0 at best.
I'm trying to focus on one only notation sw and I like MS in many aspects, but if tools like these are neglected again, I'll have to steer away from it. Users first need something working for them.


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What I mean is that MS is the only notation sw born in connection with a sharing platform from the beginning. This means the user can browse the contents, find something that somebody already made, adapt and expand the contents to his needs and then possibily share it again. This saves time and effort, and can give inspiration too. This is one of the strongest points of MS.
To fit your needs the score you find most often needs some mass editing to adapt key/tonality, instruments, time signature/tempo and note durations, page layout and so on, so you need the tools do do that.
In this view, these mass editing tools are far more important to improve the sw's "usefulness" to the user in MS platform than in any other notation sw!

Does it do any good to say "yes, I want this too"? There are times when I may have scored a song only to realize it would be easier to read notated at half or double the time... and don't want to have to rescore the whole entire song note by note to make that change. To double or halve all selected notes and rests at the push of a button would be a lifesaver.

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