Remove bass notes from slash chords

• Apr 4, 2019 - 03:56

Hello, friends.

I am using v.2, and I am enjoying the "chord identifier" plug-in, since it can be a tremendous time saver under certain conditions.
Nevertheless, as you know, it has a strong tendency to create "slash chords" where I really do not need them. While I am sure that bass players love them and need them, many of us do not.
Consequently, oftentimes I have to go through a score and manually remove the slash, and everything to the right of the slash, to retain only the essence of the chord for my own purposes as a saxophone player who uses the chord symbols to improvise. As you can imagine, manually removing those things takes time, and there is no quick way to do that, as far as I know.
My suggestion is that someone either create a plug-in that could be used on scores where the chord symbols are already shown, or else in scores where the chord symbols have just been added by means of the "chord identifier" plug-in, wherein the user could remove all notes and symbols to the right of the slash, throughout the score, while also removing the slash itself.
Another possibility is to modify the "chord identifier" plug-in itself, to address the problem up front, to include the option of identifying all chords throughout the score, just as it currently does, but WITHOUT these additional slash elements (i.e., without the slash, and without all that normally follows the slash to the right of it).
What do you think?


Close (Quit) the Musescore software.
Locate the Chordidentifier.qml file and open it in a text editor. (probably in the "users / -yourUserName- / Documents / Musescore 2 / Plugins /" folder).

Go to line 122 (approx.)

"var DISPLAY_BASS_NOTE = 1" to "var DISPLAY_BASS_NOTE = 0" (Change only 1 to 0)
Save it...

Start the Musescore software.
and use it!

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Dear Ziya,
Thank you so much for the wonderful suggestion.
While I don't know but the very basics about programming, I understand the concept of re-programming that line so as not to display any bass information.
Unfortunately, in that file, in my version, 2.3.2, there does not exist an expression exactly like what you mentioned, but some only similar, so I could not make the change yet, because I could not figure out exactly how to interpret the other. (I cannot upgrade to version 3, because I am using 32-bit Windows Vista).
Perhaps I can upload a copy of my file here, and you could find a similar expression to what you mentioned?
Of course, ideally I would like to remove the bass note AND the virgule (slash symbol), if that is possible.
But, instead of making the change fo me, please you could just tell me what part to change myself, so that I could make a note to do the same in the future, if I ever had to re-install the program?
Please find the file attached.
Thank you so much!

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Dear Ziya,
Wow! You have done even better than requested, as we now have an improved version of the plug-in for others to use, as well. Thank you so much! So far, it seems to be working very well, and it will surely save me lots of time with many songs, to reduce the clutter on each score.
by the way, when I remove the bass notes and the slash, it usually makes it easier for MuseScore to fit the entire score on fewer pages, as the chord symbols often take up more space than the notes themselves! (e.g., even a four-measure rest that contains four unique chord changes with slash chords).
so, thank you for saving me space, too!

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