Question about Tools: Regroup Rhythms

• Apr 6, 2019 - 23:02

The attached CM7a.mscz shows a succession of quarter notes in which the second and third are improperly notated, because they occur on beats 2.25 and 3.25. The file CM7b.mscz shows the result after Regroup Rhythms from the Tools menu is applied. The second note is converted to a dotted eighth note tied to a sixteenth note, but the third note remains a quarter note. Is that because of a bug in the software or because the notation is correct as is?

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CM7a.mscz 7.29 KB
CM7b.mscz 7.45 KB


It's not correct. The tool does not handle all situations. The first note it knows needs to be broken up to avoid crossing the imaginary line between beats 2 & 3, which is a very important rule. The second note should be broken up too to clarify the beat, but here you're not crossing the line between beats 2 & 3 so the tool is more conservative, I guess. Definitely room for improvement in the tool.

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