SOLVED Playback produces no sound or cursor [Musescore 3]

• Apr 15, 2019 - 05:50

EDIT: I solved this myself, but I'm leaving this here in case anyone else has this issue.

Hey. I've recently converted over to musescore 3, and everything worked great for a while. Unfortunately, abot a week ago, files stopped playing any sound. I press play, the interface greys out the note buttons (as it usually does), but no blue cursor follows through the piece and no sound plays. I've checked the sound output and it hasn't changed since I first installed the program. I launched up musescore 2.02 to see if it had the same issue, and it does. I don't know what information to provide here, but I'm on musescore 3.05 x64 windows, and i've already tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Any help? The attached file is all that happens when I press the play button; waiting does not start up any sound.

EDIT: This was a headset issue (?). I'm not going to delete the contents of this post because someone else might have the same issue, but my problem has been solved. Unplugging and replugging my headset fixed it, of all things.

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