2nd time bar line righthand end anchored to bar start

• Apr 15, 2019 - 18:14

This is an odd behaviour I can't readily produce:
I have a 1st and 2nd time bar. If there is a start repeat in the bar following the 2nd time bar, then the righthand end anchor point for the 2nd moves to the beginning of the bar and I am left with | 2. - no horizontal line.

To get this to happen you need to have a start repeat in the bar following the 2nd time bar, but something else is needed to make this happen. Once it happens I can't get the 2nd line to appear other than by dragging one of the anchor points or by deleting the 2nd time bar and re-entering it. This seems to affect multi-stave scores. And it happened when I changed the stave spacing from the page layout dialog then inserted a line end following the 1st time bar. The workaround is to double-click the hook of the 2nd line, then drag the end anchor to the beginning of the next bar.

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FWIW, I have seen the exact same thing in what appears to be a very similar situation. But it fixed itself before I figure out how to reproduce it. And I still can, even given the description. Are you finding this still the case? If you close and reopen the score, is the problem still there? If so, can you attach the score?

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Excellent, thanks! I will file an official bug report for this. Still not sure what the trigger has, but with a reproducible test case, we can begin investigating.

EDIT: See #287871: Volta on bar ending in start repeat displayed with no line after adding break. An initial investigation shows it seems to be about the start repeat that follows, yet that in itself isn't enough to cause a problem, I couldn't reproduce from scratch that way.

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