Dotted ottava line, continuous hook

• Apr 17, 2019 - 15:32

I am using custom dashed ottava lines with gaps set to 20.0 and dashes set to 5.0 for long spans of ottava. The dash to space setting looks good over ranges that space 8 or more bars. But with the spacing the end hook is almost not visible. Is there any way to get a solid hook with a dashed line?


You can't change the hook to a solid line, but you can change the length of the hook to help ensure it's long enough to be seen.

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That was the only way I could think of to improve what you are seeing.

I think they could improve the dash drawing algorithm so it will always draw a decent hook. The dashed hooks are what I see all the time in printed scores, but they are actually seen unlike in MuseScore at times.

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