Play panel tempo persists when play panel is closed

• Apr 17, 2019 - 17:24

I've noticed that when I change the play panel's tempo by reducing the percentage, the tempo is still honored after the play panel is closed. I was of the understanding that the tempo in the play panel is ignored when the play panel is closed. I haven't really used this feature in the past so I'm not sure what is expected.


I think it's the expected behavior. In the similar way as taking adjustments inside the mixer without saving it to the score, AFAIK the settings won't reset after closing the mixer panel.

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Changes in the mixer are immediate and persist in the score. If you save the score with the mixer changes, they are saved to the score. If you close the score without saving, the mixer changes are lost (for better or worse). The play panel is totally different because there is no way to save play panel settings in a score.

As I said, I haven't changed tempos in the play panel much in the past and noticed in the 3.1-beta that closing the play panel keeps the tempo setting. This was a surprise to me, I expected the closed play panel to be ignored.

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I wrote "in the similar way" - I didn't use mixer settings in the last time, but I thought there are some settings which won't be persistent without saving it to the score via view->synthesizer->"save to score" - without that they're still stay temporary (also after closing the panel).

Yes, changes of the settings inside the play panel always are temporary (and for define a persistent tempo you've to insert a tempo mark), but I don't think it should be take effect whether the play panel is open or not.

This is currently by design and is the same as it was in 2.x
It allows people that use MuseScore for practice on smaller screens to set a practice/proofing tempo and still be able to maximize their score view during that playback.

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