Aug dot bug

• Apr 17, 2019 - 17:42

Aug dot.PNG


Cut time bar.
Voice 1: C natural dotted 1/2 note
Voice 2: D natural whole note
Voice 3: Ab dotted 1/4. When added it is positioned on 1st time-position moment in bar (no conflict avoidance).
Double click Ab, ctrl rt. arrow to improve position.

Expected: only dot of dotted 1/4 note will move.
Actual result: Both dots move.

I would expect the dot of the 1/2 to remain, allowing me to place it before the Ab dotted 1/4.



We follow the common rule that says dots should be vertically aligned in these cases, so it's not a bug but a deliberate choice. That said, there are other optional rules that are others follow that can be valid too, which is why we also provide the override.

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