BUG: Musescore drumline causes changes in UI

• Apr 18, 2019 - 16:58

Upon installing the Musescore drumline 1.2.1 in Musescore 3 on Windows 10 through the Resource Manager, several changes to the UI occurs: the Font of the entire UI increases in size and the taskbar with Transport controls and other buttons disappear. The program with the extension also often crashes. If the Musescore Drumline hasn't been update yet to Musescore 3, perhaps it should be removed as an option in the RM until it is.

After installing MDL
drumline bug.png

Before installing and after removing MDL (Normal)
drumline bug after uninstalling.png

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I don't use MDL, so I can respond with my knowledge of the program.

MDL comes with a custom workspace. This should be apparent if you choose the menu View-> Workspaces and also by the MDL below your palettes. Included in the workspace is a set of custom toolbars. You can turn on the missing toolbars by using the menu View->Toolbars and checking any missing toolbars.

I'm not sure about the font, I guess MDL changes that also but may change the font size in Edit->Preferences->General.

As for the crashes, if you can duplicate the crashes, please report what you did leading to the crash at https://musescore.org/en/node/add/project_issue?pid=1236 and set the severity to S2-Critical, a programmer may decide to change this on a case by case basis. These are obviously bugs that need fixed.

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It seems odd and unproductive to change the elements of the workspace unrelated to drumline additions such as UI font size and positioning of the transport control taskbar, etc. Currently, every time the user changes the palette to and from the MDL workspace, the UI drastically changes? I have already uninstalled the extension. Once this part of it has been fixed, I'll reload the extension and see if I can reproduce the crashes I was getting.

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Thanks. I was able to return musescore back to its default appearance settings by unchecking all the additional workspace components under "view > workspaces > edit > MDL", saving it and restarting musescore. I suspect the author of the extension forgot to remove his personalized workspace customization before submitting it. In my opinion, the extension by default should only add its specific features (e.g., palette options) without modifying the users workspace appearance.

When Musescore Drumline (MDL) installs for the first time, it creates a new workspace. To exit this workspace, simply change the workspace in the dialog box on the bottom left of the "Palettes" tab, or change it in the "View" dropdown menu. There are usually only three options: Basic, Advanced, and MDL (unless you have a custom workspace). Hope this helps!

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