merging chords for 2 or 3 different piano parts

• Apr 21, 2019 - 18:31

Twas combining different ways to play the same chord progressions using inversions of the same chord, so I used three parts for the three different chords with part 1 playing the first chord in the progression, part 2 playing the second chord in the progression, and part 3 playing the third or last chord in the progression to do all the possible combinations of chord progressions using the basic triad chord, the first and second inversions of the same basic chord triad, the seventh or 4 note chord, and the three inversions of the 4 note chord... so part 1 plays a chord every three measures starting on measure 1. part 2 plays a chord starting on measure 2 or the following measure and plays a chord every three measures . Then, part three plays a chord every three measures starting on measure they alternate...
is it possible to merge all three piano parts onto a single staff without deleting any chords from either part (since copy and pasting one part's rests overwrites the notes of the part I'd paste over, despite chords playing at different measures without overlapping eachother.) Thanks. I attached a sample, so you can see.


Probably a few different ways to get this done. Simplest is probably Ctrl+A to select all, then Tools / Implode. This uses multiple voices, but you can then press the voice 1 button to move everything there.

Other ways would involve exchanging voices in the source staves and using the Selection Filter to exclude voice 1, then copying and pasting.

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