Hi Hat Barking for drum

• Apr 21, 2019 - 19:00

So I'm doing a transcription of 'Rugged Ridge' from the 2017 game CUPHEAD, and there's a section where the drums do some 'Hi hat barking'. I was was wondering if there could be some addition of Cymbal chokes, like, if I want a short spurt of an open hi hat, I can right click and choose "Choke" and it won't ring.


I'm not quite sure of the sound you want - there is already a closed hi-hat sound - but if it's part of General MIDI standard, then standard soundfonts will support it, and if it's not, they generally won't. but you may be able to find a non-GM-compatible soundfont with this sound if you do a search. See the handbook under "Soundfonts" for more info.

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So this would be for play back, This would also be used for crash, ride, and open hi hat, I believe the proper term is "Choke" you hit the cymbal, then immediatly mute it with your hand, with musescore, it rings, but I'd like an option to make the cymbal choked (Maybe under articulation or something, or text properties) Hi hat barking is hitting an open hi hat, then immediatly choking it by closing. But with the musescore play back, it continues to ring out.

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