Instrument Changes (key signature)

• Apr 22, 2019 - 21:21

Hi, So im arranging a piece where 3 saxophones (Alto, Tenor, And Bari) double on clarinet, The instrument changes fine with the instrument change text, but the key signature wont change to accommodate the new instrument (For example, The key sig is Ab Major, So alto Has 1 flat, and the clarinet part has 2. but when I put the instrument change, the clarinet(alto) still reads with one flat! Ive tried putting in a key 'change' (I just put the Ab major again and it fixes it, But it shows it for all the parts and I don't want this. and yes, I have tried to hold Ctrl and put it but it still puts it on all the parts. Ive included the Work in progress to better show what I mean (Measure 25) . Also the instrument change changes the part name! how can I fix this.

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You must be doing something wrong. In the attached score, in measure 25, you didn't change the instrument by right clicking the "To Clarinet" text and choosing Bb clarinet, then press ctrl while dragging the Ab key signature to the measure and instrument where the change happens. If you do it right, only the first measure on one instrument will turn red.

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