Repeatet Loops not endless

• Apr 23, 2019 - 15:04

I would like to be able to

Set Loop Start
Set Loop End
Set number of Loops

When a loop is enabled honor the number of loops when exporting to sound file.



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Thanks for your comment.

Here is a more detailed description what I would like to have

Fiddle Tune Part A and Part B

Part A and Part B both have the standard begin repeat |: and end repeat :|

Now I select the whole score. Then I select the 'Toggle Loop Playback' and it plays the whole score. That is fine.

Here it is where I would like to play the whole score let' s say only 4 times and export the score to a mid or mp3 file. This would give a perfect sound file for those who want to learn by ear.

If you have questions just ask.

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Actually, it sounds like LeeBaron is asking for something similar to my request, which is the ability to specify the number of times a whole score, containing measure repeats, can loop (see link below). I suggested providing an option in the inspector to specify the number of DC repeats, among other possibilities. In programs like Ableton, one can specify the number of times a loop is to be repeated when exporting to mp3 or wav. Being able to specify the number of loops in Musecore would be helpful for learning. My original suggestion would work both for playback in Musescore and audio file exporting.

"Feature request: add ability to specify number of repeats for whole score."

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