Speed tempo

• Apr 23, 2019 - 18:12

Can anyone tell me how to adjust the speed of music I am playing through Musescore?

The instruction to raise or lower the tempo does not seem obvious to me--surely one of the prime requirements of a notation app?

Thanks for any help.

Don Walker


sure, if you have the palettes window open ( press F9 to open it). On your score, click on the note where you want the tempo to be set at (if you want the tempo to be changed for the whole song, click on the first note).
Then, in your palettes window, go to tempo on the list and you'll see a half note symbol with " =80" after it , a quarter note =80, an eighth note = 80, etc. Pick whatever note you want to set the tempo to by clicking on one of those notes (quarter note is standard or the one I typically use).
you should see the quarter note symbol with the written text (= 80) appear on the upper left corner of your sheet music. if you right click on that text of the note= 80 and select "edit element", you can adjust or edit the tempo by simply typing in a different number that you want for the desired tempo (for example, type in "120" if you want the tempo set as 120 beats a minute instead of 80).
Hope that helps... I attached a document where you can see the text with the note (a quarter note = 240) in order to see what it should look like

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