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• Apr 25, 2019 - 01:19

I write allot of drum scores. I like using MuseScore over others, however I have come across some very annoying things in the text to above staff lines.

First Problem..
When you place text L/R on the score then place an accent > on the appropriate note, without a bass drum in the score, the accent drops below the staff note. However if you place a bass drum in the bar the accent moves to the top of the staff.... there by throwing all the text out of line. This also occurs when using CTL 3(triplets)..5..7..etc.. It moves all the text. I have also noticed that to align all text with either triplets (CTL 3 etc..) or accents > placed above the staff is very difficult to do. There has to be a better way of aligning text above the bar.
I have included a simple example of this. Bars 1 to 9 had the text aligned.. perfectly until I added the bass drum... after that the the accents > moved up to above the bar automatically mis-aligning all the text.
Bars 1 and 2 I tried to place some kind of alignment there but still because of the accents > there is still misalignment there.
In Bars 7, 8 and 9 even though I tried to align the text. Still they are misaligned.
Bars 10 and 11 you can see they are also misaligned even through I compensated in the alignment of the text.
In Bars 12 and 13 are good examples of that which I am describing of the problem. Bar 12 has the bass drum added.. and the accent > has moved up above the staff misalignment of the text where the accent has now moved automatically to. In Bar 13, there is not bass drum and the accent was automatically placed below the staff note.
In my opinion (for that is worth), there are many aspects about the text alignment functions that truly need looking into. Especially as user for doing drum kit scores, which is my main use.

Please feel free to realign all the text and accents > above the staff.. time it to see how long it takes and send it back to me.

This is just the first problem I have but if this one can be attended to, I would be more than happy to include the other text related problems...

Thank you,


If you are not using lyrics for anything else, I would suggest that you use lyrics. You can right click one, choose Select>All similar items then in the inspector (F8) change the postion to above. This will align all of the stickings you enter.

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Hello mike320,
The problem is then it all goes down underneath the stave. Traditionally, it all goes above the stave. It is like saying why don't we just remove all the notes outside the stave in piano or an orchestration. There are some things that just are not right, correct and functional.

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You only heard half of what I said. Use lyrics so they will line up THEN right click a lyric, choose Select>All similar items and in the inspector (F8) change the position to above. This will put the stickings above the staff where you want them.

That's not a bad idea. Another possibility is to continue using staff text, but to simply recognize that since accents will happen, you will want a higher default position. So, just select all staff text (right-click on, Select All Similar Elements) and use the Inspector to increase the vertical offset until they all align (the lowest will come up first, you can stop when they all reach the highest). First though, you'll have to get rid of the weird spaces you've added to the bottom of many of the texts, that's going to get in the way of pretty much anything else.

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Not sure what you mean, when I removed them, it's better. Can you post a version of the score where you are having a problem you feel spaces would solve? And/or a version you tried to follow my advice about the Inspector but had trouble. I tested both of those suggestions and they worked exactly they should have for me. My suspicion is that you are getting something wrong in the instructions we are giving you.

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