Fingering numbers

• Apr 27, 2019 - 02:09

Fingering numbers need to go up to 8, not just pentatonic scale of 1-5. Also is there an automatic plug in for this, as it is not working as a plug in. I'd like to know how to create a plug in for numbers which means the alphabet one could easily be made into numbers instead. Just a thought.


They can go as high as you want. Just use the new fingering mode (double click any fingering to enter it) and type whatever you like, hitting Space to move to the next note. it's that simple. Or if you prefer entering fingerings from the palette, feel free to create a custom one containing whatever numbers or other text you want, as described in the Handbook under "Custom palettes".

To learn more about plugins, easiest is to just examine the source of an existing one - most things are actually pretty self-explanatory if you only need to change a little bit. if you are writing one from scratch, there is documentation available in Plugins / Plugin Creator.

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Alt+Right works for any text element - staff text, fingerings, as well as lyrics & chord symbols. But Space works only for fingering, lyrics, and chord symbols = the types of text where Space isn't commonly used within the text (if you want to enter a space, you can via Ctrl+Space).

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