Mini keyboad input errors

• Apr 29, 2019 - 12:30

Using the nightly build from Friday 26th April. I find every now and then midi keyboard input won't advance, instead each note I enter builds up a chord on the current note. Hitting Esc then N allows me to continue. I can't yet see a pattern to this. I did wonder whether a tie entered during input mode triggered the problem, but that's not consistent. Also, it seems to be more probe on chromatic passages.


The thing that would cause this is if "note off" message (or equivalent, note on with velocity 0) was never encountered, or somehow got missed. Because we trigger the advance to next time position on release of a key - it's how we allow you to play chords even though the notes technically come in one at a time.

So it's possible the input processing is somehow missing the note off - or it's possible your keyboard fails to send it sometimes.

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I've found an example that exhibits this behaviour consistently: midi.mscz
The sequence of operations is this (kbd=computer keyboard, midi=midi piano keyboard):
kbd: N 4 0
midi: e
kbd: 5
midi: d#
kbd: j3+ (I don't think the enharmonic re-spelling is significant to this problem)
midi: e d# e
At this point the last e and subsequent notes end up in the same chord as the d#. Ctrl-Z to undo the last e allows me to continue in sequential input mode.

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