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• May 1, 2019 - 13:48

Hi All,
I need to extract the beat information in the same format that is presented on the bottom score information bar. The information is decimal delimited. See the attached picture. I understand this can be derived programmatically though the use of a plugin, however it is not desirable to look at surrounding notes and durations to derive it.

The XML and musicXML exports could give me the measure and notes duration information to allow me to sync lyrics with an external program.
The main issue is that if there are rests surrounding notes in a measure, you can't derive the beat it falls on unless analyzing all the notes and rests. It would be much simpler if I could extract just the the beat information (tagged with the note_Id) from the same source that the score view shows it.

Any help or ideas would be appreciated. I love MuseScore!

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Thanks for pointing me back to the plugin.
Yes, it is the UltraStar format.
I had originally started with that plugin, and even tried to port it manually, but I'm fairly new at this architecture and had my QT dependencies all mixed up on both of my computers. I was never able to get it to run.
When I started from scratch, I found myself with mixed versions of QT, and I had installed different versions of Musescore, so I wasn't sure what I had broken, or what was a bug, or what hasn't been implemented.

However, I downloaded the snap version of Musescore 2.3.2, and I guess that all of the dependencies it needs are all wrapped with it, in its own sandbox. It actually picked up the plugin configuration from the installed version showing me the Ultrastar plugin in the menu.

It ran flawlessly. It's a very cool plugin. Cheers to the original author.

The tempo value does not pick up, but it is a trivial thing to manually change that hashtag in the output file to a tempo number 2X the tempo of the score.

I would love to help port the plugin to the newer version of Musescore and will be studying the methods and once the newest plugin development documentation is finalized.

I write songs, but can't sing very well.
I need to present the songs to vocalists who sing beautifully, but can't read music.
MuseScore can of course display huge text, but the vocalist aren't used to lyrics presented that way.
Trying to follow the cursor was not a good experience for any of the singers I tried.
I can use the "Performous" program /game to display the lyrics karaoke style.
That program even has pitch detection so as they sing along, it grades them, game style.
The more points they get, the better they know my song!

Here is a quick and dirty example of the use of it.
( I made the background video the score video that renders and uploads to YouTube)

Thanks again!

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I've had a quick go at porting it; but it seems retrieving the part information to populate the dropdown allowing you to select which voice to export isn't available in the 3.x plugin framework yet.

I'll see if it can be made into a workable state aside from that, though I don't have a clue on when that would be yet.

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Hi, I've tried using this plug-in but when I try to export I get two errors:
1. Unable to open target file for writing
2. Cannot write into "[insert score title].mp3"
As well, it doesn't let me select an export directory. When I click on that button nothing happens.
Any idea what might be the issue? Thank you!

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The plugin tries to indeed write/save two files; the mp3 and the lyrics file. Both errors are very likely due to you being unable to set the export directory.
If you don't set the directory, then a relative path is used. This means the plugin will now try to save it's files in the same directory as where the musescore executable lives; a location where it probably doesn't have writing rights.

What operating system are you on?
All the browse button does (should do..) is open up the native folder selection dialog.

Note that in the meantime the author has released the MS3 version officially:

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It could, although the Qt docs don't mention anything special about this.

What you can try is to locate the musescore settings file (it should be at ~/Library/Preferences/org.musescore.MuseScore3.plist and edit that manually (take a backup copy first!)
Look for a key of exportDirectory and assign it your desired export path.

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