Slash Notation While Keeping Playback

• May 2, 2019 - 12:27
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S5 - Suggestion

I arrange several jazz charts, and this entails frequent use of slash notation for comping or soloing. My method for slash notation is to switch to a separate voice, put in 4 quarter notes, make them stemless, make the head a slash, and uncheck the "play" box in inspector. However, I like to have an example or just something to fill in the sound for playback, and I do this by having whatever part written in and just making all of the pieces invisible.

However, there are 2 issues with this process. The first is that in the individual part, not everything goes through, usually the slashes still play and any ties or beams are still visible. If I do it initially from the individual part, the same problem occurs but this time in viewing the whole score.

The second issue is that if there are two solos over a solo section and for whatever reason a repeat isn't practical, copy and pasting the bars from earlier will always leave the ties and beams visible.

These 2 issues being fixed would be helpful, but if you could implement some sort of automatic slash notation feature, especially one that could leave previous parts playing but invisible as I have, that would be ideal.


Hiding elements is considered "Layout" and as such not synced between score and parts (but copied when creating the part after having made elements invisible). That much is on purpose and by design and should not get changed (not by default at least).
The 'Play' properties seems to get treated the same, and whether this is stiil to be considered 'Layout' is at least questionable.

BTW: why are you not using Tools > Rhythmic Slash Notation? That does the make them stemless, make the head a slash, and uncheck the "play" box in inspector automagically for you