Provide official Linux screenshots

• May 2, 2019 - 15:21

MuseScore currently ships an AppData file, which includes screenshots. Currently they link to screenshots (created by me) provided downstream for the Flathub build. You can see them in action here, or just by finding MuseScore in your favourite software centre. However, that has several issues:

* The standard Appstream info uses assets out of control of the MuseScore team (I have access to them, but I am not part of the dev team)
* The quality is measly and there are too many – I tried to do my best, but at the time I misunderstood the spec and overdid the amount of features shown. I also hardly have the qualification to make those images, only being a free-time user of MuseScore
* They are already outdated – they are shipped with MuseScore 3.x, but are created with MuseScore 2.x, which is immediately noticeable thanks to the old theme

The Appstream docs provide solid documentation for creating good-quality screenshots.

If no one is up for the job, please at least get in touch. You can reach me here, by mail (you can find it on my GitHub profile) or on IRC (I go by jurf[m], you can find me on Freenode in #musescore). I can try to do my best again but it would be great if you could at least tell me what to showcase.



Note that while it says “should have a width that is no smaller than 620px” it does not specify a maximum. I’m a friend of screenshots that are not too large, however. 1280x720 is a standard format that isn’t too small, and just as large as needed to show things in optimum size.

I’d be happy to create some screenshots on Linux if desired.

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How many screenshots are we talking about here? As few as possible, as many as possible, between m and n, …?

I think I can look at what I mentioned in my MuseScore workshop and collect a few showcases there, unless someone from the core team tells us what to do.

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