Add additional tacts in a line

• May 7, 2019 - 18:51

Hello all,
how can I add additional tacts in an existing line. When I create a new score there are only four tacts in a line.

Thxs for helping


tact = measure (bar in GB)?

You must do something to make the measures smaller. You can select the measures and press { to make them narrower. If this doesn't work use Format->Style and reduce the scaling to make everything smaller.

Edit: BTW, there is an active German forum located at

My guess is you didn't actually create a new score (File / New) but are simply using the default empty score. This one has line breaks at the end of each line - you can see the little icon above the last measure of each line. You can delete the line breaks, or just create a new score, which will start with no line breaks.

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