accidentally changed piano keyboard tool to violin. How to change back?

• May 9, 2019 - 04:12

And when I try to play it to figure out the notes they just ring forever until I hit MUTE on the violin on the mixer. Otherwise it wouldn't be so bad. What the heck did i do? Haven't got around to updating to musescore 3 yet... 😳

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You seem to have some midi setting wrong. If reverting to factory settings doesn't work, start with attaching the actual score.

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It will remove any sound fonts you loaded into the synthesizer but it won't undo any changes you've made to sounds in a score. If you have a sound font (or group of sound fonts you like, look at the synthesizer while in a score you like and click Save to score. After the factory reset, you can open that same score and then click Load from score to load the same sound fonts. If you want them as the default, you can then click set as default which will become the default sound fonts you have loaded unless you do another factory reset and repeat these steps.

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