Feature Request: Jazz Articulation - Fall (squiggly line)

• May 9, 2019 - 14:21

I would like to request a 'fall' added to arpeggios & glissando palette. It's a squiggly line, similar to current gliss but without the word gliss or the requirement that it be between two notes. Length should be adjustable.

To help explain - there are several types of 'fall' articulation commonly notated for brass instruments in jazz:

  • a straight line down from or up to the note (exists in Musescore) - this is played as a smear valves half down or slide on a trombone.

  • a squiggly line down from or up to the note - this is the one that's missing. It can be played long or short (depending how long the squiggle is) and indicates the player should use the valves to create a more agressive style of articulated fall from the note, or rip up to the note. It's quite different to the smear (straight line down or up) .

The current gliss line is almost-but-not-quite a viable replacement. It prints the word 'gliss' which is very annoying and a little confusing because a fall of the squiggly line variety is not the same as a glissando which would be the smear (straight line variety). It also seems to require it to be between two notes (whereas a fall is often at the end of a phrase, leading into a rest)

Image attached showing how they usually look. And here's an mp3 in case it's helpful to hear it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/hgnoo56b5czao34/falls.mp3

Noting Musescore also already has the curved 'scoop' up and down, which works well although again, that's a different type of articulation - a scoop up, and a short drop-off down. Doesn't replace the need for the squiggle type of fall!

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A glyph for that is available in the symbols palette of the master palette:

So you can use that. And also add it to a custom palette (of a custom workspace)

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