Wash board (and more percussion)

• May 9, 2019 - 20:01

So i was wondering if it would be possible to add a ragtime wash board to the list of instruments? the kind with a cow bell, wood blocks and a little cymbal. there isn't really a good wash board substitute at the moment. Also, could there be more Brazilian percussion such as the tamborim, surdo, Repenique, and agogo bells (as its own instrument) also (not Brazilian, but still) an ACME whistle and a bulb horn.


Do you you want to find a soundfont that has samples of those instruments? Use a web search to find one, then install it into MuseScore as described in the Handbook under Soundfonts. If you want to devise a notation scheme for them, see the Handbook under "Drum notation".

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Another concern I have, I used the MDL sound for my Drumkit instead of the default as it sounds better, it works just fine in playback, but when I upload it and listen to it, it doesn't play any audio for them. How can I fix this? to get them to play when I upload them.

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Open the score on musescore.com and in the program. In the program open File->Score properties. On the website copy the address bar (click it and press ctrl+c). In Score properties find the source field, select it and press ctrl+v to past the address. Click OK and save your score on line with all of the appropriate boxes check (like include audio and replace score) and click OK and your score will be updated on the site.

VERY IMPORTANT: Every time you save online, follow this by Save so the program knows where the score is found online.

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After you save the score online, the online location for the score on your computer is updated. Your score will have a * next to the name telling you the score has changed. Be sure you save the score in your program again, so the program knows where the new location on line is.

Also would love to find a washboard set soundfont, but I coundt find any, If I found enough samples, I'll make one myself someday

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