Order of Items in Palettes Box

• May 11, 2019 - 01:20

Why are items in the "Palettes" box ordered the way they are? To me it is totally random.
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It's meant to be somewhat logical in terms the order you would add these elements in, or at least keeping related elements together. Eg, clefs, key, time signatures , and brackets"belong" together in some sense, so do the various types of text. One can quibble a few specific choices - it's been observed that barlines shouldn't buried in the middle like that, for example.

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No, it should not. It should and needs to be in the same order independant of which language is used and should be kept in order of importacne and topics. MuseScore is translatable into 65 languages, so potentially 65 different orders.
Otherwise the documentations becomes very difficult to maintain. And for users switch between languages it becomes difficult too

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