Possibility of editing Musescore 3 book in Brazil

• May 15, 2019 - 13:31

Dear Users!
* I am creating this new topic at the request of MuseScore Support.

My name is MARCOS, I am Music teacher (saxophone, keyboard, vocal and music theory).
At school we only used Musescore 3. Since I did not have textbooks for the job and after a lot of research and often using Musescore 3 as well as the discussion forum, I made a 44-page A4 page of the main tools of the Musescore 3.
Including all texts and many images have been taken from the original manual converted to Portuguese made available on the website.
I would love to turn it into a textbook. I wonder if it is allowed to use the images of Musescore 3 in the book so that I can release it in Brazil without offending the copyright among others? It has a purely didactic elaboration and my name would be launched as the founder of it.
I understand that it would be a way to disseminate and teach how to use Musescore 3 safely and correctly, as well as encouraging its frequent use.
In this case would I need an authorization from the creators and developers of Musescore for the procedure?

Thank you!




I don't see any reason why images you take from the MuseScore program running on your PC might be copyrighted in any form or shape that would restrict you using them in a published book or other document.

I believe all the pictures we used for the (online and PDF) handbook here on musescore.org should be free to use too.

Actually the handbook is "Released under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike". So you need to mention where you got stuff from and distribute under the same licence, as far as I understand it.

I wonder why the Portuguese version of the online handbook is not also available as a PDF. It is for English, German, Spanish, Italian and many other languages.

Edit: found it at https://ftp.osuosl.org/pub/musescore-nightlies/handbook/MuseScore-3.0/M…

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I understand from this your point of view, you are very intelligent and profoundly knowledgeable about the subject!
Thank you for your guidance and I will wait for the support response regarding the ok procedure.

Regarding the reason of the Book, it would be a summary of the most important tools of Musescore 3. As you know many translations for Porrtugues create a bit of ambiguity for the more laymen ok. The manual provided is outstanding complete!

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