crossing the staff - combining different time values

• May 15, 2019 - 23:14

Points 2a and 2b. I want to write a half note and combine it with a quarter note. You'll see that I've fudged it with a pair of tied quarter notes but I want to do it properly.
3 the text I am copying has a stem shooting across between treble and bass to land on an A in the treble. How do I do that.
1 I want to delete the opening half note rest. I can't do it with the delete key. How do I do it?
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I think voices are what you are looking for at 2.

For the lines perhaps you are looking at text anchored lines (insert using Add->LInes->Text anchored lines)

At 1, select the rest and press ctrl+delete (there will be a blue - appear above the measure indicating it is shorted than the time signature).

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