Voiceover on a music bed

• May 18, 2019 - 03:51

I have a composition where a voice speaks over a music bed. How would I enter the narration to align with the music bed? I haven't found anything so far to indicate a method. Thank you.


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Ctrl-T put the narration over the staff. Amazingly, Ctrl-L works on a rest; that surprised me. And it put the narration under the staff, where I wanted it. All it took from there was stretching the measures to fit the narration. I was even able to copy and insert the segments of the narration, remembering to use Ctrl-space and Ctrl-V to space and insert all the words.

You can insert a voice instrument and just use the rhythm input mode to enter the rhythm of speaking you expect. You can then select all the notes in the voice and silence them (remove the check from play or simply mute the part in the mixer) and if you want, you can then make the notes, staves, barlines and everything else musical invisible in part properties if you don't want the speakers parts to show musical characteristics.

The result of this will by an oration that will follow the music and give the speaker some freedom for individual style.

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