Is there a way to edit instrument name for a staff after changing instruments?

• May 18, 2019 - 18:43

I typically bring out solo parts in a choral score by changing the instrument when the solo occurs. Typically I use an oboe or a flute for clarity. When I do this, I notice that the instrument name that I've chosen to demonstrate the solo appears in the staff name on subsequent pages (see attached screen image).

It's easy enough to edit the staff text at the beginning of any piece to whatever I want, but when I change instruments, I seem to lose that ability for all subsequent pages, plus I seem to lose the original settings when I switch back to the choral parts.

Is there any way to edit the instrument name in these situations?


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It's not the answer you're looking for but...
wouldn't it be easier to press 'I' to add the Instrument then hide the empty staves?

Don't use the "Change Instrument" command on the text for that purpose - it changes more than the sound, as you are seeing (it will also change transposition, which would be even worse). Instead, use the appropriate sub-channel that is added to the Mixer if all you want it to change the sound.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I tried messing around with this a bit, but was unsuccessful. It seems that if I use the mixer, it will change the sound for the staff throughout the entire score. I know I could get around this by adding another staff for the solo, but since I am working with an orchestral score with tons of staves already, I don't want to create additional staves for solo parts, as it makes the work unprintable.

I can see how it is possible to change channels for string instruments (e.g. pizzicato), but don't see the way to do the same with the non-string sounds I am working with. When using the string instruments, the "child" voicings are programmed in to begin with, and it seems like you can only use the pre-programmed options. That is, I wouldn't be able to switch between a violin and a flute mid-score without using the "Change Instrument" command.

The only way I have found to add a "child" voice to a staff in the mixer is to use the "Change Instrument" command, which has that cascading effect you mentioned.

Is there a way to add a "child" voice to a staff, such that you can switch back and forth between the primary and additional voices written on the same staff, that does not involve the "Change Instrument" command?

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I think you misunderstood. When you go to the Mixer, you need to open up the channel strip for the instrument to expose the "child" subchannels. There should be one for each instrument change, just as there are for strings. So you definitely can change just the sound, just at that point in the score.

BTW, adding an extra staff for the solo part is a very good idea if you want to print the score and have this solo part be apparent. I thought you were just trying to tweak the playback. After adding the notes to the solo staff, right-click the solo staff, Staff Properties, and set "Hide when empty" to "Always". Thta way the solo staff appears and disappears as needed.

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