Multiple Trills Performance and Space

• May 19, 2019 - 06:10

As with attached score, for bar 34 there are two trills (Capture 1): first one, it plays well; second one, it looks I have to play “hide and seek” with voice 2, but the space it takes Y>>X (Capture 2).

Can you help?


In voice 2, place a note (any length) where that second trill begins, with it having the same spot as the "upper" part of the trill (C6). Click the note, then uncheck the text box "play" in the Inspector. Make the note invisible, as well as any errant rests that showed up in the second voice (since you'll have to put in rests starting at the beginning of the measure in the second voice to "reach" that part of the measure). That should fix the playback and not interfere with the structure of the score whatsoever.

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There are two ways to make a trill from A# to C. First is to write it as a tremolo, the other is to use a B# (a sharp above the trill line would indicate this) since a trill from any A to any C is uncommon and I don't even know how to notate it except to possibly put a stemless note in parentheses after the base note showing it should go up to a C. The only way to get proper playback is using a B# using the invisible note method already discussed.

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