Format>Style... window cannot be dragged

• May 20, 2019 - 05:24

When I open this dialogue box, it cannot be moved by clicking and dragging the title bar. I didn't check everything, but most such windows can be dragged, e.g. Master Palette, Parts..., etc. Preferences cannot be dragged. But Format>Style... jumped out at me because (1) it is large, and (2) it's nice if you can see what impact your changes are having without having to close the window (and then reopen it if you don't like the result).

I'm seeing much past discussion of the size of the window; this is not my concern here. I could live with the size if I could just drag the stupid thing off to one side.


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I'm not a Linux expert either, to the point that I'm not even sure what phrase to search for.

That said, there do seem to be two families of windows which behave totally differently in this respect, so I'd be shocked if there wasn't something in the code that was causing these different behaviors.

examples of draggable windows from the File menu; drag them anywhere while they are open and everything is fine:
>Score Properties...

examples of fixed (centered) windows from the File menu; dragging minimizes the Musescore window if it was maximized before; both windows are then dragged together with the smaller window remaining centered:
>New... ("new score wizard")
>Open... ("load score")
>Save As...
>Save a Copy...
>Save Selection...

I also noticed that the text name of the window (e.g. "Parts...", "Save As..,") is slightly smaller in the draggable group, so now I can tell them apart before testing out the dragging. But it's still annoying.

I can move this window anywhere.
I suspect that: if the "Snap" feature is on, turn to off.

if you use windows 10
Open Start Menu:
Click the wheel-shaped icon on the left side.
In the window that opens: go to: System => Multitasking -> Snap
and if this "Snap" switch is "On", turn to "Off".

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