Instrument name changes

• May 20, 2019 - 19:08

How do I stop an instrument's name from automatically changing when I change instrument using the change instrument text?


You can't easily. The only so called workaround at the moment is to edit the .mscx file.

Actually, you could create a staff text with a white background and place it on top of the wrong name, but that's quite tedious.

While it's true that right now, changing instrument does literally change the instrument - sound, name, transposition, range, everything - if you really just want to change the sound, then don't use change instrument at all. I mean, add the text, but don't then use the change instrument command - just change the sound for that text using the corresponding subchannel in View / Mixer.

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In an orchestral context yes, and these are the situations where it is actually proper to have the staff name reflect this according to the standard authorities like Gould et al. And yes, I realize you have customized your original staff names in a way that makes this inadvisable, and I actually have a PR pending to allow customization of staff name changes, independent of the GSoC work that will no doubt improve on this).

But many people use instrument changes solely for the sound change, like to get different guitar or keyboard synthesizer effects, or to change from a voice sound to a body percussion sound, etc. And in my experience, the majority of people not wanting the staff name to change are in this category, hence the suggestion.

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