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• May 21, 2019 - 02:43

I am unable to get my MIDI keyboard to inoput notes. It does not show up anywhere yet my other composition software recognizes it fine.
Yamaha P-115 with MIDI through USB


Be sure you have 64-bit drivers installed, that you connect and turn on your keyboard before starting MuseScore, and that your device is selected in Edit / Preferences / I/O.

I'm able to enter notes but...when I play a simple quarter note melody, Musescore does not cut off each note when I move to the next one. Like I've got my foot on the (piano) sustain pedal and never lifting it. Producing a huge "additive tone cluster" rather than a simple melody. (See attached.) What's up with that? (I do not have a pedal hooked up to my keyboard.)

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Are you using the "automatic" or "manual" method? And if no pedal, what do you have configured instead to work the real-time advance? Also, some keyboards fail to send note-off messages, which will always produce the results you are seeing. Can you test using step-time? If the same happens there, then that is the problem.

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Thanks for your help!

You ask "what do you have configured instead to work the real-time advance?"

Actually, I have done nothing. Where's the info about this? I found radio buttons in Preferences/Note input... but not sure what turning this on or off would do here.

Step-time method works fine. Problem occurs during both methods (automatic and manual).

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The radio buttons in preferences/note input are not working properly. Initially they are greyish ghreen and greyish red. When I click the color becomes bright green or red. But after that, there seems to be no way to turn them off/deselect them. I use a Macbook Pro and have the latest Musescore.

I found a solution after reading this forum (no direct solution but some useful hints) and experimenting a good deal. I'm on MacOS 10.15, and Musescore was nonresponsive to two different MIDI input devices. I checked their functionality with Apple's "AudioMIDI Setup" utility app (there's a button you can click to have it beep each time it receives a note) and they were both sending OK.
The answer is this:
In addition to the other steps already given, check the setup under MuseScore/Preferences/IO.
In the MIDI Input window on that menu, there are CoreMIDI IAC Driver choices 1 and 2. But when your keyboard is plugged in, a third device appears. It's "CoreMIDI, USB Midi Keyboard" for a USB-native keyboard, and "CoreMIDI, USB Midi" for my Yamaha P-140 which is old-school MIDI and running through a MIDI - to - USB adapter cable (thank you, Amazon!).
That was the magic moment. Select this actual device, not an IAC driver, click APPLY, then OK. Then exit MuseScore and restart. Good luck!

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