Cannot turn off audio

• May 21, 2019 - 21:43

I have a MIDI port selected as output from MuseScore, and that is the input port to Pianoteq which I use to monitor playback by MuseScore. However, Musescore is also using the Windows wavetable synthesizer for audio output, and I can't turn that off, so I get both playing at the same time. If I go into Edit\Preferences\IO, I cannot uncheck the box for PortAudio; it stays checked no matter what I do.


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On my Windows computer, both the wavetable synth and Pianoteq use the same audio output; there are not separate sliders for individual software synthesizers. Line in or Microphone can be muted, but that would not fix the problem. The AudioPort checkbox in MuseScore should uncheck itself when clicked, disabling audio (but not MIDI) output.

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Turning the master audio gain all they way down would mute Pianoteq too, which is not what I want. I want to turn audio output from MuseScore off and leave MIDI output on, because I have Pianoteq set up to receive MIDI input from the port MuseScore uses for MIDI output. What I want to hear during playback is Pianoteq, not Pianoteq plus the crappy piano sound of the Windows wavetable synthesizer.

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No, I want MIDI output from MuseScore on, and audio output from MuseScore off. I still want to hear audio, but not from MuseScore playing through the Windows wavetable synthesizer. I want to hear just the audio output from Pianoteq which receives MIDI input from the port MuseScore uses for MIDI output. The problem is I am hearing both at the same time: Pianoteq plus the crappy piano sound of the Windows wavetable synthesizer.

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Musescore's voice comes out of his synthesizer (In my first reply, I replied that you wanted to mute musescore).

See : View Menu => Synthesizer
And it has its own soundfont (Not microsoft GS Wavetable).
You can off the sound from here (see slider on the right) or OS Volume Mixer.
Or If you wish you can remove soundfont. (and no sound out)

I thought you wanted to get the MIDI output from the next answer.

Now you're talking about mute the musescore's audio again.
But I already gave the solve in the my first answer.

We are experiencing a confusion of concepts here.

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You wrote "Oh, the problem of not having the option of closing the MIDI output!"

That is the confusion of concepts here. I do not want to turn off MIDI output. Per your suggestion, I opened View Menu => Synthesizer and see "MuseScore_General.sf3, a soundfont file. I see no slider to the right, so I will delete the sf3 file. That should stop audio output from MuseScore, but it is not a good solution. In Edit\Preferences\IO, there is a checkbox that says "PortAudio." It cannot be unchecked. What is the point of having a checkbox, if the user is not allowed to uncheck it?

In the View menu, I noticed there is an item labeled "Mixer." I clicked on that and found a slider to turn the volume all the way down. That solves the problem.

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