Music Library Handbook?

• May 23, 2019 - 02:22

This question is not MuseScore specific and I apologize for that. I've just taken on the job of librarian for a local, community orchestra. Our collection is made up of both hard and digital copies.

Is there a handbook or a standard set of guidelines for filing and maintaining sheet music? I've asked arouind and tried some Internet searches and haven't found anything so far.


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@JoeBuck50, a couple of files that might be useful. They are by the Faculty of Library Science of the University of Turin (used in many degree theses on music catalogues).
The table is used to digitize the catalogue. The image is an example of the compilation of the Library. In the case of rare scores, the scores were usually scanned or photographed (once microfilmed).
For the more recent scores, today MuseScore offers you the opportunity to compile them (although patience and dedication are required) and build an electronic archive.
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