[playback] How to jump over trailing measures?

• May 23, 2019 - 15:57

Version: 3.0.5

The SATB score I’m currently digitalising has 34 measures, plus two (appended after a section break) that are an alternative to measure 29+30.

I want playback to end after measure 34, not playing the two others. I’ve created a jump (copied the D.C. one from Master Palette, then changed it to say “fine”, be invisible, and have the following Jump properties in Inspector:

  • Jump to: end
  • Play until: [empty]
  • Continue at: end
  • [_] Play repeats

This does not, however work. It also does not work when I leave “Continue at” additionally empty, nor when I instead leave “Jump to” empty.

No matter what I do, playback does the 3s default pause of the section break then plays the trailing two measures.

I vaguely recall not being able to get jumps to work in 2.3.2 either…


Hmm, if I write “end” in all three, it loops measure 34 forever. Perhaps the double barline at measure 34 marks “end”?

This means I need to insert a marker SOMEHOW that’s PAST the 36th measure (30²) to jump to?

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