How to convert sounds to DRM?

• May 24, 2019 - 10:48

So: I selected the Anvil instrument, but the strike wasn't there. I decided to add a sound by loading it in but I need to convert it to DRM. Anyone know how to do this?


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Currently, the sound-font used by Musescore has no Anvil sound.
It's on the instrument list, but it's simulated with a drum sound.

Go to this topic.
There is an Anvil soundfont; You can download.
(after loading in Musescore, make sure it's not to the top of the synthesizer list. Otherwise, all instruments play with the Anvil sound; or no sound)
So (after playing the demo score.) position in the bottom of the the list

If you hear a Drum-Kit sound instead of the Anvils, while playing the demo score: (score created with 2.2.0 version of Musescore)
1- Open the mixer
2- Replace the patch with the next one and replace with the old one on dropdown list. (for both channels)

Converting to drum instrument is tricky.
Since the Anvils were not included in the drum kit, those who prepared this soundfont set the example by placing a sample on each key.

For the drum-kit mapping: I think it needs to be remapped as a drum-kit with a soundfont editing software.

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