Offsetting a note from the beat

• May 25, 2019 - 11:49

In a guitar tab I have bars where a note on a treble string is to be played at the same time as a bass note on the first beat – except not quite, as the treble note needs to be played just a bit offset from the beat.

I have modelled this as shown below but it looks rather clumsy. Is there a better way?

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I think I would use a grace note. It may seem like a huge jump, but it's not uncommon in classical violin music and it would work the same on the guitar.

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I tried the first grace note in the palette as it had a small crossed out note picture, (acciaccatura), but although the main note was suitably delayed, the grace note played instead of being silent.

I can silence it via the inspector but how would I indicate this in the score?

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Now I'm somewhat confused – sorry!

I want the slight delay to be in the treble note not the bass note.There is only a single tablature stave: the treble note is playing on fret 3 of the first string and the bass note on fret 2 of the 4th string.

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By the very nature of the guitar, the grace note will replace the note in the bass rather than play in addition to it and be sustained. Another way to do this on a guitar is to write it as an up strum. You can control the speed of the strum in the inspector. I don't know which would be more common for the style of guitar you are writing for. I'm sure a classical guitarist would prefer the grace note while a rock guitarist might prefer the strum.

If the playing technique is finger picking (e.g. classical) rather than plectrum (guitar pick), you can use one of the arpeggio symbols.
Have a listen:
Arpeggio offset.mscz
While TAB is good... although for my better understanding
Do you have the actual treble clef notation? Are there voices involved?


Note: EDIT for arpeggio.

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That's an idea; an arpeggio of 2 notes! This works as I can use the piano roll editor to offset the treble note. (There's no arpeggio stretch in 2.3.2).

It's a fingerstyle arrangement on classical guitar. There is no treble clef notation, only TAB. I shared it on earlier this month but I am trying to improve some of the playback, e.g. in bar 33.

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