Unpitched Percussion Midi Keyboard Playback

• May 25, 2019 - 17:39

Can't get Unpitched Percussion to play on my MIDI keyboard. It plays through audio speakers on computer, but not on MIDI keyboard. All other audio and MIDI keyboard functions work fine. Any suggestions? Thank you. V.T.


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No, it supports the standard. There was a short time that I could get keyboard playback (unpitched percussion) and then it just stopped. I tried to retrieve it and found that I could get it by using channel 10 on the Mixer (don't recall the port number), but that no longer works. Could I have inadvertently disabled something? Thank you for your assistance. V.T.

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Well, using channel 10 is indeed part of the standard, but a far as I know MuseScore should be doing that by default, and I've never heard anyone else report a problem with this. Perhaps you accidentally messed something up when you were fiddling with the channel and port numbers. If you attach your score we can understand and assist better.

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