Crash on save with specific project

• May 25, 2019 - 18:15

I was successfully working on a project for a few days, but now it crashes on save 100% of the time with this project only (same thing with save as or auto-save). New projects are fine.

OS: macOS High Sierra (10.13), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 58dd23d

Troubleshooting attempted so far:
-Reverted to factory settings
-Disabled show start center
-Tried duplicating the project and renaming at the desktop level
-Tried moving the project to another directory

Crash log attached.


Attachment Size
Musescore crash.txt 79.34 KB


Can you attach the bad file, it will help with figuring it out, and someone might be able to fix it and return it to you.

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