MIDI input not working

• May 25, 2019 - 22:24

I've been using Musescore for a week now, a few times with my electric piano plugged in through a MIDI-USB cord. But today it's not working, even though I haven't changed any settings:

Musescore v.
MIDI cord: LiDiVi Professional Piano Keyboard to PC/Laptop/Mac MIDI Adapter Cord
Piano: Yamaha P-140

I turned the keyboard on first (it's playing fine on it's own), then plugged in the USB to my computer, waited until my computer showed that the MIDI input had been accepted and the lights on the cable turned on, then opened Musescore. The "Toggle MIDI 'Input'" button is selected, as is the "Note Input (N)" button. But when I play on my keyboard, no sound comes out from my computer and the score doesn't get updated. My computer sees the keyboard as a device, but Musescore itself doesn't register that there is any MIDI device at all under I/O preferences. I also tried completely restarting my computer.


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The dropdown lists are empty. I also have tried hitting the button you've circled in red several times and it's done nothing. I've had someone else install Musescore on their computer and the MIDI input is working fine for them. Their dropdown lists show "MMSystem,USB MIDI Interface" for both input and output.

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No Windows updates since before I started using Musescore. The cable is working with someone else's computer.

However, comparing the MIDI associated drivers between their computer and mine: they have two drivers for the "USB Composite Device" whereas I only have one. The one we both have is called "usbccpg.sys" but the one that only they have is called "usbfilter.sys". Trying to update drivers for the USB Composite Device just tells me it's the most up-to-date version.

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OK, I'm really not clear how this fixed it, but here's what we did:

We copied the driver that was on my friend's computer but not on mine to a USB, then copied it into the same system folder it had been in on their computer. Then restarted my computer and now it's working, even though when I try opening the MIDI drivers list again, it still doesn't show the one that we had to copy from the other computer.

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