midi keyboard input not working

• Aug 25, 2016 - 19:46

i downloaded driver for UX16 USB-MIDI interface. Using Yamaha Clavanova (old) for keyboard. MIDI input is enabled. Under IO preferences, Port Audio is checked. API is MME. Device is Microsoft Sound Mapper - output. MIDI Input is MMSystem, Yamaha UX 16-1. Tried restarting Musescore 2.0


Be sure to start MuseScore *after* connecting and turning on your keyboard. Also be sure to enter note input mode and enter your notes one at a time as described in the Handbook - it's isn't intended that you can just start playing and have the results transcribed in real time. If your interface has ports marked input & output, be sure they are connected properly - output of keyboard to input of computer. Also be sure to be using 2.0.3, although I don't know that there are any relevant bug fixes since 2.0. Also, I guess you are probably on Windows - what version?

I have a Yamaha P80 & I have a m-audio MIDI - USB cable. Mac OSX 10.12.3 This setup works to drive Mainstage so I don't think there's a hardware issue. MIDI input is turned on, note entry is turned on, yet nothing happens to my score when I play keys. USB is solid lit and MIDI IN is flashing MIDI OUT is not lit on the interface, kinda weird, cuz it's same for Mainstage & MIDI OUT has to be working in order to tell the computer what to play.

Attached screenshots of my note input settings & I/O settings. Tried restarting MuseScore. What else can I do to troubleshoot??

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To be sure: you are starting MuseScore *after* plugging in and turning on your keyboard?

Try entering a note without MIDI, does it work? Like, press "C" on your computer keyboard. Does it show? If then press n E on your MIDI keyboard, still nothing, or does it add to the C to form a chord? If the latter, then your problem is most likely that the keyboard is failing to send note off messages, so MuseScore doesn't know when you are releasing the key (notes are actually entered on release). And in that case you'll need to consult your keyboard manual to see if there is a way to get it to send the missing messages.

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I always fire up Muse Score last. Entering notes with either the trackpad or the computer keyboard has always worked in the past. If I enter a C on the computer keyboard then an E on the MIDI keyboard the C works fine, the E on the MIDI keyboard does nothing. I have had to press down shift if I wanted chords in the past (and I've never tried it with MIDI on.) Just tried it. Nothing from the MIDI device. I think we can rule out "the keyboard is failing to send MIDI off's" b/c I use it with the same USB-MIDI interface to drive Mainstage, and a different one (a straight MIDI - MIDI Cable) for an external processor, and both those MIDI applications work fine i.e. they cause either the computer/processor to play the given note when I do a keydown and they release it when I release the key. I didn't reset anything on the keyboard from yesterday when I had mainstage cranking away.

I have a Yamaha UX-16 USB MIDI interface that worked fine a month or two ago in Musescore 2.1. Now I can't get it to work. I don't think there's anything wrong with my interface--it's just that I can't get the MIDI input from my Yamaha keyboard to work.

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We would also need an answer to the other questions I asked: Try entering a note without MIDI, does it work? Like, press "C" on your computer keyboard. Does it show? If you then press an E on your MIDI keyboard, still nothing, or does it add to the C to form a chord?

Also, does it show up in Edit / Preferences / I/O? if not, it may be a problem at the OS level (eg, Windows, macOS, or whatever you use).

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After two weeks of ripping my hair out, I got it to work. Apparently the plugs on my MIDI interface are mislabled--I put them in wrong the first time and it worked; the second time I plugged them in as they were labeled and they didn't work. Switched them just now out of curiosity and now they work. :O

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I exited MuseScore and then turned off my yamaha p120 keyboard, unplugged the USB cable, plugged the MIDI cable backwards, replugged the USB cable, restarted MuseScore 2. Went into the i/o, my midi interface appears. Activated note input with "N", I pressed the keys on my keyboard, nothing shows up. Note inputs using the keyboard works. I use Windows 10 64 bit.

And I tried it also with the MIDI cables plugged in the other way too. I really don't know what else to do.

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