Input to Musescore from score image

• May 26, 2019 - 15:21


I'm told that there is a feature on Musescore 3 which allows input to Musescore from an image file (png or pdf?) of an existing music score. Is this true - would be very useful? If so, how do I access it?




Well, there is File / Import PDF. It is experimental and I wouldn't get your hopes up to much. There are commercial programs that can attempt to convert to PDF to MusicXML also and you can try one of them if you like. In the end, it's usually faster / easier / more accurate to enter music by hand.

I would only attempt import PDF on a simple one instrument score. Simple piano pieces may work, but anything with multiple rhythms in one hand will probably fail.

If you desire is to have to do nothing but import the file and use it as is so you don't need to learn the program, then that's not very likely. You will need to learn to use the program. I suggest you wait until next week when 3.1 is released and learn on that. It has great features and a bunch of bugs fixed from earlier 3.0 releases.

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Thanks for your comments. I am already using Musescore3 quite a lot. Just doing manual entry. I appreciate any automatic entry is bound to be limited and inaccurate. But I was hoping that 'cleaning up' the result of automatic input would be quicker than total manual entry.

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